Sunday’s in the Garden

We’ve been enjoying our Sunday evenings in the garden.

Sunday BBQJoin us this Sunday from starting at 4:30 for ‘Need to Weed’ followed by our weekly 7pm BBQ in the garden!

We will have our monthly garden meeting 6PM, Monday, August 12th at 1925 St Paul St.  Everyone is welcome, we will be discussing exciting garden events and ways to get involved as well as voting on some ideas for empty spaces. Email for more information.




Escape from Artscape

Come beat the heat and escape Artscape (at least for a while) before returning!

We’ll be having garden Activities all weekend! Bring a friend and neighbor to check out what’s going on outside of Artscape.

Escape from Artscape


Saint Paul Street and 21st Street

Saturday July 20th

6PM-  Sunset Community Barbecue and Need to Weed
After Dark – Camp out in the garden

Sunday July 21st

8 AM Community Breakfast
10 AM – 3 PM Splash Bash! Beat the heat in the Coop Garden

Summer in the Garden

Stop by for some summer fun in the garden! We have some exciting events planned for this summer, events are open to all.


Co-op Member meeting

July 15th at 6:30PM, 1925 St Paul Street

Current co-op member, garden member or interested in more information? We will be discussing important summer events, membership information, and much more. Come meet and mingle with other garden members!

Summer Sunday Nights in the Garden

Every Sunday we will be having a ‘Need to Weed’ followed by a free BBQ. Events are open to all. More information found here.

‘Escape from ArtScape’ Activities

Need to cool off before you melt in the sun? Come on down to the neighborhood garden! Escape from Artscape (at least for a little bit) Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21. Stay tune for details!

Shed Building

After receiving a generous grant last summer we will be building a shed to store garden tools. Details will be sent through email and posted on our Facebook page. Come out to see the transformation take place!

Cob Oven

We will be constructing a Cob oven this summer. After having meetings regarding the design, usage and placement we will move forward with building later this summer. Stay tune for details!


We will be using email and Facebook to post current updates, like our Facebook page and make sure you receive garden emails to stay up to date on the latest information! We welcome anyone to come and work in the garden, if you want to know what things needs to be worked on check out our ‘Things to get done‘ page. This will stay updated with latest to-do projects!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us at, we would love to hear from you.



We are Back on the Blog and Updating Again

Recent Announcements and Events:

1. We received a  $3000 grant from the Baltimore Community Foundation for a Garden Kitchen Cooking Series to be held over several weeks in August and September

2. The grant will also make it possible for us to build a Cobb Oven in the garden. This will be done in a weekend workshop, led by garden supporter Aliza, in mid October…followed the next week by a Harvest Festival (with garden pumpkins!)

3. Those pumpkins were planted last week by a summer camp group of 4-6 year olds from St. Michael’s next door. A group of 7-10 year-olds helped us harvest some kale and collards for parents and teachers. Finally, a rugged group of 11-13 year olds helped us weed our herb ring, getting it ready for our “herbal” gardener, Ebony, to  plant it in coming weeks.

4. Also look for a bi-weekly Tea and Juice Event led by The Grindhouse Juice Bar on St. Paul/25th St. and the Bohemian Coffee House on Charles St. and North. This will be followed by either an outdoor film or a music performance.

5. We will be holding weekly Coop meetings on Tuesday at 6 pm. If you are interested in becoming a Coop or Garden member, please send an email to or contact us through our Facebook page or right here!

6. We will still be holding our weekly SUNDAY EVE COMMUNITY FREE BBQs as we have all summer long. Don’t bother to cook, just come on out and enjoy free hotdogs, drinks, grilled veggies and prepared dishes. Bring a dish, drink, chips, or paper product if you’d like, but it is not required to come…just bring yourself and join the community.

7.We have recently planted about 6 tress in the garden: pear, peach, fig…and even a white grape vine.

8. More to come….