Rain, Rain, Go Away

Heading outside soon and I will update everyone here whether or not the garden is workable and whether we are there working. If the rain continues I will be doing school work at the Bohemian Coffee House until it clears enough to do some planting. Feel free to join me at the cafe. There is live Jazz music there starting around 1 pm. And the coffee is good and plentiful…

As for the BBQ, lets see how the weather progresses but I was thinking instead I may order some pizzas if enough people come out to work. We have a buy-one-get-one-free arrangement with American Pizza on St. Paul.

All I am really hoping to get done today around the rain is to plant the flowers in the front bed. The herb bed still has a little clearing to be done and could be completed/planted during the week or next weekend.

BTW I am looking for someone to babysit our fruit trees until we can plant them. My backyard isn’t going to work any longer and I wanted to move them somewhere safe for a couple more weeks until we get them in the ground. They would need to be watered a couple of times a week. 




If you do come out dress warm, we have some work extra work gloves.



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