Herbs are planted… and a grant deadline approaches

We had a productive weekend around the garden, even with the cloudy weather Sunday and the ominous signs of impending rain all day. Instead, it held out until today and so we were able to get the new herb seedlings in the ground just in time for a welcome shower. They are looking great today.

Pass by and check them out, send back suggestions about what else we should put in the empty spaces in 2 rows. So far, we are going to

▪  add more chives on the first row then fill the rest of the row up to the future entrance with Dill. It grows tall and broad with great flair and nice flowers to go along the path. 

▪  We are going to add another Rosemary “bush” to the 3 up front

▪  a few more oregano and sage alongside the others

▪  we have parsley and cilantro, we could try water cress which I love 

▪ …..but we still have several spaces for another 3-4 plants of an herb or two…

▪ then there is still the medicine wheel location for the “select” culinary herbs and medicinals (a list of which I am drawing up, if anyone wants to help me) 


I hope we all had a good time saying thanks to our moms, maybe in some cases for reasons like sharing her interest in gardening/farming.

Look for pictures of those herbs coming soon and a list of what we put in.

NEXT UP: moving some trees we have into place and preparing the rear 9 beds for lots of tomato, pepper, and cucumber seedlings we will plant this weekend.

–       ALSO info on Co-op Membership

–       Herb selection and planting of the medicine wheel garden

–       City water arrival and the start of seed plantings

–       And as we have done, SUNDAY evening BBQs…this weekend we can make our first salad from some of the greens!!


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