5/18-21 Weekend

We will be picking up tomatoes/peppers/cucumbers/squash and other seedlings today from both Howard County Public Schools and Baltimore City. We want to get them planted on Sunday afternoon/evening. Hope some of you can make it to the planting. We will follow it with a BBQ/Potluck if we get enough people coming out to make it worthwhile. So the weekend schedule if as follows:

SAT 1 pm-4pm: We will finish prepping the rectangle beds for the new seedlings and work on the herb garden and medicine wheel plot as well as anything else we see needs work. I am working Saturday School in the AM this week so I am getting out there later than usual.

SUN 3-7 pm: We will plant the new seedlings and water them well. Hopefully the city will have the water in asap!

PLUS: WE WILL BE HAVING OUR FIRST HARVEST ON SUNDAY!! Come and get some of the greens we will be cutting back: Kale, collards, mustard and lettuce. We will also make a salad of fresh greens for the BBQ! Come and enjoy.


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