6/1-3 Weekend Plans

This past week was a busy one: we got our water turned on by the city, we planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and squash seedlings, and finally with the regular water supply we were able to plant some of our seeds–several kinds of beets, beans, and carrots.

With rain predicted for much of this weekend, the plants will be happy but we may not get much done in the garden. Some of us will be out Saturday afternoon if the heat and rain don’t stop us as well as on Sunday afternoon from 3-7 pm. We’d like to finally have another BBQ on Sunday, but the rain may again prevent that.


One thought on “6/1-3 Weekend Plans

  1. Dear Community Gardeners,

    My wife and I recently moved to the area and we were excited to find the coop garden space down the street from us. A few days ago, I happened to speak with a man named Kevin? Who was participating in the project. He took my business card, and told me that the coop will have it’s kick off event some time later this month. He also mentioned that he is hoping to transform the garden into a meeting place, where poets and potentially musicians can perform. The project sounds interesting and exciting. I’m curious if we can create some synergy between your project and the online literary magazine I have started as part of my MFA in creative writing and publishing design degree at the University of Baltimore: Monologging.org. Essentially the site I’ve created seeks to connect writers with artists all over the world and to enable them to collaborate through multimedia. I also use the site to generate interest in local events like gallery nights, and readings. I would love to bring our circles together in support of this community project. Please visit monologging.org today and reply to jfbarken@gmail.com if you are interested in pursuing some collaboration.

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you,


    -Jeffrey F. Barken

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