CNCG Master Plan (click here for download of pdf file below)designed by Rick Hoehn


The Charles North Cooperative Garden was created as a subcommittee of the Charles North Community Association in the fall of 2011. Local resident Kevin Ghaffari worked with other community members to plan for a spring ground breaking.

The project’s plan and goals were developed by members of the Charles North Community Association in meetings of its garden subcommittee. The initial garden committee members developed ideas for the garden layout and approved a final 3-year design created pro bono by Rick Hoehn  (Hoehn Landscape Architecture, LLC). This design has been our general blueprint and inspiration for how the garden will be built.

In the future, members of the Garden Co-op will be responsible for making independent decisions for the garden based on these goals and plans.


The project’s primary goal is to bring together community members, along with all those interested in gardening and outdoor activities, to work cooperatively planting and maintaining a diverse and sustainable urban green space. In addition, we hope to plan, organize, and host a variety of community activities and events in the garden.

The planned distribution of edible growth will be as follows:

– 50% of the harvest that the garden produces will be shared equally among  co-op members based on their contributed work effort.

– 50% will be shared with the community through activities and events created and/or selected by members with the purpose of promoting, preparing, and sharing healthy garden food while engaging in fun, creative, and educational outdoor activities.

We have people on board helping us to plan and plant the vegetable, flower, and herb beds, as well as have several projects planned for each summer and fall so keep looking back for updates about us.


If you would like to be involved with any part of the project or have ideas you’d like to propose, please contact Kevin Ghaffari at charlesnorthcoopgarden@gmail.com

To stay current on upcoming events please like us on Facebook: Charles North Cooperative Garden.



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  1. I’m so glad I saw you guys out working tonight! So excited for the garden and so impressed to hear how Baltimore is supporting community gardens!

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