Garden Above2

With thanks to the Givens Family for letting us snap these photos from their balcony.


Garden Above 8

New Banner for the fence

New Banner for the fence

Thanks to a wonderful volunteer MICA student, Madeleine Pierce, we now have a banner for the fence. We’ll try to put it up this week after mowing the lawn. Check back and see it when it is up.


May 4-6 Weekend Plans

I will be proctoring the SAT tomorrow until around 1 pm so I won’t be out 10 am-1 pm as usual. Let me know if you want to do some work and I will suggest things you could get done. I will be in the garden later Saturday, probably from around 2 pm till 5 pm.

Sunday we will do the usual 10-1 pm. Soon I will start setting up later work times on Sundays so that we can have a afternoon BBQ as well…but lets wait till next week in case of rain again this weekend.


4/28 Weekend Work

I will be away this weekend but if anyone else wants to stop by the garden to get some work, please do and let me know what you did. Jay and others may be coming in at different times as well so look for them. There are tools under the rubber mat near the marble stoop steps.

I’ll list a few things here that need to get done and please contact me if you want to or already did do them.

1) finish removing grass from bulk herb garden area along the north wall. 

2) move compost over to the herb bed and shape the beds as laid out in the design.

3) start cutting out/removing the grass form the medicine wheel herb garden starting from the center and going out till we find the right max size to fit within  the ellipsis of the veggie beds.

4) move the earth to the medicine wheel bed and form two concentric circles with offset cut outs   to walk through.

5) mark and cut out the grass on the last three beds at the top of the hill they should be the same size and parallel to the other 2 rows of beds there….then fill with compost.

6) clear out vegetation/junk from along north fence and also the marble step pile…we want to start trying to move some of the steps and need it cleared and accessible.


Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries

No planting needed on these…along the fence where were/are planning to plant other berries. We need to watch them ripen and get to them before the birds do!!


Planting flowers in the rain on Earth Day — this really was fun!

Planting flowers in the rain on Earth Day -- this really was fun!

Thanks to Kristyna our “flower goddess” (see, after only one planting day in our garden she went from a “flower girl” to a “goddess” in our eyes). Thanks so much for your planning and for motivating us!!



Outside view



Left Bed


Bed center

Center bed