Lotsa Basil


snap drgns

Snapdragons…and a tray of herbs off to the left

flowers in window

Our Flowers temporary resting place at the Bohemian Coffee House…visit them tomorrow morning with coffee…live Jazz at 1 pm!!!

Celebrate EARTH DAY in the Garden SUNDAY 4/22 12-6 pm

We will be planting some flowers and hosting a BBQ this Earth Day—Come on out and bring someone with you.

4/22 12-6 pm @ St. Paul & 21st Street

  • 12-1 Arrival, Garden introduction, Games
  • 1 pm BBQ/Potluck–Bring your own and/or enjoy what we have burgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies (separate Vegan grill be provided)
  • 2-3 pm Flower bed arrangement
  • 3-4 pm Flower & Herb bed planting
  • 4-6 pm Free seed & planter for all kids, games, music,etc.

Bring a shove, trowel, gloves with you if you have them, but we will have some as well.




This weekend we will continue our regular schedule and be out there from 10-1 Sat & Sun. Come and help us out, anyone is a member of the garden that does some work.

Things to get done:

1) finish ripping out the grass from the flower beds at the front and the bulk herb area on the left.

2) begin to remove grass and arrange rocks to define the area for the medicine wheel herb garden

3) move dirt on to all 3 areas, rake and prepare the beds

4) Clear refuse away from area around the marble steps

5) measure the front and rear fence lines and calculate fence line and number of anchored fence posts needed

6) water, water, water

Sprouting together

Sprouting together

The broccoli and lettuce in these beds are intercropped to increase the yield of each.

From research by Aoki, M., A. Gilbert, A. Hull, M. Karlberg, and M. MacDonald. 1989, University of California, Santa Cruz.

“The yields of broccoli and lettuce grown together at three different planting densities were compared with yields from their conventional monocrops. Results demonstrate that broccoli/lettuce intercropping results in higher yields than can be produced by monocultures of lettuce and broccoli grown on the same area of land, a process known as overyielding. All three intercrop densities produced higher total yields than the combined monocrops, ranging between 10% and 36% greater yield. Lettuce heads in the intercrop were of slightly lower mean weight, but the combined production still exceeded the total that was produced by a combination of monocrops on the same amount of land.”

Our Garden Plan

Our Garden Plan

This is a low res image of the Garden Design created for us by Rick Hoehn, a local designer who contributed his excellent work to the garden this past fall. We are doing our best this season to try to realize all the great ideas he worked into the design. We’ve made a few changes, which is as Rick wants, but have been really inspired by all the fine details he put into the design for us to discover. Please come down and help us create this wonderful garden for the neighborhood!

If you would like a higher res image of the design to study and admire, send us an email and we will send you the file. We also have several smaller detail designs he’s been making for us as we move forward and locate/measure the different new beds.

First Planting Completed!!


We had a great success getting the first plants in the ground this Easter Eve: Kale, Collards, Cabbage, Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Broccoli…

We also had our first young visitor to the garden: MAYA!! Welcome and thanks for your hard work girl in getting those little seedlings safely planted…and come back soon to see what a worthwhile effort you’ve made. In a few weeks, Maya, you’ll see how big these little plants will get.

And Maya left with her own little potted vegetable, which we would like to offer to every young visitor to the garden this year. The variety of Maya’s little seedling was a mystery to us since we lost the label and couldn’t figure it out, so Maya needs to come back soon when the little sprout gets bigger and she can ID it for us!

…also LOOK for us @ Facebook, we are: charlesnorthcoopgarden.  I will post photos from each weekend in the albums there…come by and take photos for us and you’ll see them there.

Maya’s visit to the Garden

Maya's visit to the Garden

Maya is coming to get her BBQ burger reward after planting vegetables for the garden. Just wait till we grill those fresh vegetables Maya, yumm (no they won’t suffer, we’ll be sure of that)!

Also in photo, r-l: Willie, Derrick, Jennifer, Mark, MAYA, and Ben