We have been away from this blog for some time now…

…but we haven’t stopped working on the garden.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE CO-OP AND WORKING IN THE GARDEN or just want to see what we are doing and support the garden with a visit…Come this Sunday to our Garden Opening Dinner BBQ…

6/1-3 Weekend Plans

This past week was a busy one: we got our water turned on by the city, we planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and squash seedlings, and finally with the regular water supply we were able to plant some of our seeds–several kinds of beets, beans, and carrots.

With rain predicted for much of this weekend, the plants will be happy but we may not get much done in the garden. Some of us will be out Saturday afternoon if the heat and rain don’t stop us as well as on Sunday afternoon from 3-7 pm. We’d like to finally have another BBQ on Sunday, but the rain may again prevent that.

Keyhole bed

keyhole bed

Keyhole bean bed: this bed, right where the front entrance will be, is meant to be in the shape of a key hole. We’ll create a tepee of cut bamboo over it for the beans to grow on…so as you walk in you will be able to step inside and see the sky through the bean vines. Or so we hope.