The COOP Garden Membership Form (Click Here to Download PDF)

Charles North Cooperative Garden Membership

The CNCG created a project to build and maintain a neighborhood pocket park and garden in the Charles North community that will be accessible to the general public.

The project’s plan and goals were developed by members of the Charles North Community Association in meetings of its garden subcommittee. The initial garden committee members developed ideas for the garden layout and approved a final 3-year design. This design has been our general blueprint and inspiration for how the garden will be built.

Future working members of the Co-op will be responsible for making independent decisions for the garden based on these goals and plans.

The project’s primary goal is to bring together community members, along with all those interested in gardening and outdoor activities, to work cooperatively planting and maintaining a diverse and sustainable urban green space. In addition, we hope to plan, organize, and host a variety of community activities and events in the garden.

The planned distribution of edible growth will be as follows:

– 50% of the harvest that the garden produces will be shared equally among co-op members based on their contributed work effort.

– 50% will be shared with the community through activities and events created and/or selected by members with the purpose of promoting, preparing, and sharing healthy garden food while engaging in fun, creative, and educational outdoor activities.

Now we invite everyone to join the project at any level described below:

Membership Options

 Co-op Membership

You receive: Access to the garden, your share of the garden’s harvest, invitation to all events, participation and voting at coop meetings, a t-shirt (when we make them), a button (soon), dirty hands and a sense of satisfaction in growing your own vegetables.

$25 general/10 for students, et al. each year (a suggested contributithat will go directly to garden materials/expenses) plus your garden work contribution, (min. requested: 2 hrs a week) will be tabulated to calculate your share of the harvests.

 Garden Membership (Co-op Supporters)

You receive: Access to the garden, invitations to all events, attendance/input at coop meetings, a t-shirt (when we make them), a button (soon), a good feeling and some fun times in the garden.

$25/10 – SEED –  Supporter

   $50 –    ROOT – Contributor 

   $75 –    SPROUT – Benefactor 

$100 –    BLOOM – Patron 

Your generous contributions will be used throughout the garden, from seeds to tools, as well as to support the programs and events we sponsor. The garden is open to the general public with no membership dues required.

All garden supporters are asked to complete a membership form (attached above)  Direct any questions or comments to Kevin Ghaffari @

Checks should be made payable to the Midtown Community Fund and mention Charles North Cooperative Garden. To return by mail w/check: CNCA, c/o Charles North Cooperative Garden, 1917 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21218



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