Things to Get Done

We’re excited that you will be stopping by the garden!

Feel free to work in any area of the garden but if you do not know where to start when you come by to work take a look at our list to guide you.

We welcome anyone to come into the garden and work. If you do stop by and haven’t said hello shoot us an email so we can help you become a garden member!

1. Clean up the Tree wells. Pull weeds from around them and prepare for mulching.

2. Weed herb garden and clean-up rows. Look for the Oregano and other perannuals coming in, and weed the rest.

3. Pull weeds from walkway in the medicinal herb ring


4. Help build Keyhole Trellis with bamboo poles.


5.  Finish planting the last of the seeds and starters.

6. Create a defined edging and clean around the plant beds.



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